VEDA Business Grants

Downtown Redevelopment District Commercial Rehabilitation Program
Are you in the Downtown District?  If so, we have special funding for you!   VEDA, with our partners at the Virginia Community Foundation and the IRRRB, are offering a forgivable loan program for the redevelopment of commercial property listed in the designated redevelopment district in amounts up to $49,000.00.    Please contact Steve Peterson, CRD for any questions concerning this program.   Steve can be reached at (218) 290-7265

Click Here for the Downtown Redevelopment District Policy and Procedure Handbook/Application

VEDA Business Renovation Grant program            
 Click Here for VEDA Business Renovation Grant  Application & Guidelines 

Exterior or interior renovations, or repairs, of the building that would make the business more attractive.   This program awards up to $5,000 of grant funds for approved renovations and can be used with the AEOA BER Grant.

Feel free to contact Kris M for more information  at (218) 749-3563; or at

VEDA Design Services/Architect Services Grant program             

Click Here for VEDA Design Services/Architect Services  Grant  Application & Guidelines 
The intent of this grant program is to encourage existing businesses and property owners within eligible program areas to bring their building into compliance with current Building Codes, improve their storefronts, and renovate their buildings. These renovations will thereby make these buildings more attractive to consumers, safer for workers and the public, and will increase the economic vitality and attractiveness to new investment in our area.

Grants will be awarded for Architectural and/or Design Services that are required in order to complete planned rehabilitation work including compliance with the basic minimum property maintenance codes.

Feel free to contact Kris M for more information  at  (218) 749-3563; or at


 AEOA Business Energy Retrofit Program (BER)

VEDA encourages businesses to research the AEOA Business Energy Retrofit Program (BER).  
The Business Energy Retrofit (BER) Program supports and provides businesses up to $20,000 in eligible retrofit and/or energy upgrade expenses.   Learn how we can help match your BER award!

Click HERE for more information about the AEOA Business Retrofit Program Information