USDA- Rural Business Enterprise Grant-Loan Funds

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Projects to be financed may include, but are not limited to:

  1. We (VEDA) have determined that these loan funds can be used for any business in the City of Virginia.   We can also provide funding to businesses in the surrounding communities of Eveleth, Gilbert and Mt. Iron, based upon their regional impact and interdependence between communities.  We reserve the right to prioritize funding within the City of Virginia.
  2. Acquisition and development of land, easements, and rights-of-way
  3. Construction, conversion, enlargement, repairs, or modernizations of buildings (including façade repairs), plants, machinery, equipment, access, streets and roads, parking areas, utilities, and pollution control and abatement facilities.
  4. Loans for startup operating costs and working capital
  5. Technical assistance for private business enterprises.


Revolving loan fund limitations:

  1. Funds will not be used to produce agricultural products through growing, cultivation, and harvesting, either directly or through horizontally integrated livestock operations, except for commercial nurseries, timber operations, or limited agricultural production related to technical assistance projects.
  2. Funds will not be used to finance comprehensive area-wide type planning.  This does not preclude the use of grant funds for planning on a given project.
  3. Funds will not be used to fund a part of a project which is dependent on other funding unless there is a firm commitment of the other funding to ensure completion of the project.
  4. Loans will not be made unless there is a reasonable prospect the applicant meets the definition of “small and emerging private business enterprises” defined as “any private business that will employ fifty (50) or fewer new employees has less than one million ($1,000,000) in projected gross revenues. 
  5. At least 51% of the outstanding interest in the applicant must be owned by those who are either citizens of the United States or reside in the United States after being legally admitted for permanent residence.
  6. This loan program can be used for the purchase equipment, working capital, inventory, commercial building improvements. 

Min. Loan:  $5000
Maximum Loan:  $100,000
Max Term:  7 years
Rate: Will not exceed 5% (see current rates below)

***The Loan Committee may consider smaller loans if the balance of the Revolving Loan Fund is less than $5000.

***Applicants by members of the loan committee and their immediate family members shall be ineligible for funding

Current Rates/Loan Structures:
Length of loan- up to 36 months
1.75% interest rate

Length of loan- from 37 to 84 months
2.25% interest rate

Loans will be administered by the City Administrator of Virginia and the VEDA Loan Committee.  

Kris Marafioti, Administrative Assistant, is currently responsible for loan administration and helping applicants obtain loans from the revolving loan fund.  

Kris Marafioti
Phone:  218-748-7500  E-mail:
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