Local Incentives

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)  
Administered by the City of Virginia, TIF is a public financing method that is used as a subsidy for redevelopment, infrastructure, and other community-improvement projects. TIF can only capture “new” or an “increase” in taxes, thereby capturing the value of the new development. 

Tax Abatement 
Tax abatement is another tool used to encourage private development projects by allowing the rebate of property taxes to the owner, reallocating the taxes to pay for public infrastructure costs, or deferring the property taxes and rebating the interest penalty. Governed by MN Statutes 469.1812-1815, tax abatement allows for the capture and use of all or a portion of property tax revenue within a defined area. Each taxing jurisdiction must elect to participate in the abatement, and a public hearing is required for approval. The city may limit the abatement.

Business Subsidy Policy 
This Policy is adopted for purposes of the business subsidies act (the "Act"), which is Minnesota Statutes, Sections 116J.993 through 116J.995. Terms used in this Policy are intended to have the same meanings as used in the Act, and this Policy shall apply only with respect to subsidies granted under the Act if and to the extend required thereby.

While it is recognized that the creation of good paying jobs is a desirable goal which benefits the community, it must also be recognized that not all projects assisted with subsidies derive their public purposes and importance solely by virtue of job creation. In addition, the imposition of high job creation requirements and high wage levels may be unrealistic and counter-productive in the face of larger economic forces and the financial and competitive circumstances of an individual business.

With respect to subsidies, the determination of the number of jobs to be created and the wage levels thereof shall be guided by the following principles and criteria:

Each project shall be evaluated on a case by case basis, recognizing its importance and benefit to the community from all perspectives, including created or retained employment positions.

If a particular project does not involve the creation of jobs, but is nonetheless found to be worthy of support and subsidy, it may be approved without any specific job or wage goals, as may be permitted by applicable law.

In cases where the objective is the retention of existing jobs, the recipient of the subsidy shall be required to provide reasonable demonstrable evidence that the loss of those jobs is imminent.

The setting of wage and job goals must be sensitive to prevailing wage rates, local economic conditions, external economic forces over which neither the grantor nor the recipient of the subsidy has control, the individual financial resources of the recipient and the competitive environment in which the recipient's business exists.

Because it is not possible to anticipate every type of project which may in its context and time present desirable community building or preservation goals and objectives, the governing body must retain the right in its discretion to approve projects and subsidies which may vary from the principles and criteria of this Policy.

For further information regarding Tax Increment Financing, Tax Abatement and the City of Virginia's Business Subsidy Policy please contact:

City Administrator
Britt See-Benes
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