Olcott Park Fountain

Olcott Fountain
Fountain Facts

  • Original fountain construction began in the summer of 1935, in the midst of the Great Depression, under the direction of Parks Department Superintendent Carl Hawkinson.
  • Fountain completed and opened to the public on August 16, 1937.
  • The fountain was a WPA (Works Progress Administration) funded project.
  • The total project cost was $36,005 in 1937 dollars. WPA paid 70% of the cost and the City of Virginia paid 30%.
  • The fountain pool is 40 feet wide and 64 feet long.
  • Observation deck is approximately 120 feet long and 12 feet wide.
  • Pink granite mined from a quarry in Mt. Iron, Minnesota was used in the construction of both the fountain and observation deck.
  • Fountain site design was provided by Landscape Architect Charles Hanford, Jr. from Independence, Missouri.

Fountain History

In the 1930’s, our whole nation was feeling the crushing effects of The Great Depression.  When Franklin Roosevelt became President in 1933, he initiated his New Deal programs, a series of federal interventions intended to blunt the impact of the Depression and revitalize the economy. Among other things, the New Deal created a number of job-creation programs geared to the development of public works projects in cooperation with the states and local communities.

 fountain plansIn 1934, the City of Virginia took advantage of one of these New Deal programs and proposed that an electric fountain within a rock garden be built in Olcott Park.

The city obtained federal approval for the project in 1935 and with WPA labor completed the preliminary excavation and plumbing for the large rectangular, terraced rock garden and fountain located in the center of the northwest quadrangle of the park.  The city hired Charles Hanford, Jr., a landscape architect from Independence, Missouri, to design the fountain, rock garden, and observation deck.  His design for the observation deck followed the Rustic Style with which architects Morell and Nichols had designed the park gates along Ninth Street North.  The design for the fountain structure used the same form of rusticated masonry.

1 - Olcott Park fountain construction 1936In the spring of 1936, the city sought bids for the concrete required for the pool and fountain.  This work was completed by WPA labor during that summer.  At that time the city also sought bids from electrical contractors to supply and install a General Electric Seven-Projector Novalux Electric Fountain.  According to the specifications provided by GE, the projectors would have seven 1500 watt lamps; two with red filters, one with amber, two with green and two with blue. The mechanism would also include a jet ring with 65 jets as well as other nozzles to spray water.  The control system would be completely automatic and capable of producing 60 water and light combinations over a 360 second period.

The Novalux fountain was installed and the masonry completed in the spring and summer of 1937.  The fountain debuted on August 16, 1937 and ran daily.  Its multi-colored water display ran every evening, weather permitting, from 8:30 to 10:00.

Park Superintendent Carl Hawkinson reported that police assistance was needed to control the crowds thronging to see the fountain on opening day, and that interest in the fountain continued unabated until cold weather in the fall necessitated the draining of the pool.

fountain postcardDuring World War II, the whole nation suffered from material shortages brought on by the requirements of fighting the war.  The fountain also suffered.  In 1943, the bronze gears operating the mechanism that produced the constantly changing water jets and colored lights wore out.  It took the park department nearly a year to obtain replacement parts because bronze was a critical war material.  The parts were finally obtained at the end of August, 1944, and the evening color displays were renewed for the final weeks of summer.

The fountain ran continuously during the summer months with minor repairs until into the 1990’s when repair parts became difficult to obtain.  In fact, many of the parts were no longer available and had to be hand made.

During the 1990’s and into the 2000’s, the fountain ran intermittently until it ceased running completely in 2013.  A leaking pool and the inability to obtain repair parts necessitated its closure.

In 2015, a group of city and area citizens, recognizing the historical significance of the fountain and seeing the need to have it repaired, formed a committee with a goal of restoring the fountain, observation deck, and surrounding grounds.  Part of the restoration process included making an application to see if the fountain site qualified to be listed as a national historic site.  As a result, the Olcott Park Fountain was placed on the National Register of Historic Sites in June 2017.

Over the five years between 2015 through 2019 the committee raised $1.1 million dollars.  The restoration of the fountain and surrounding grounds was completed, and a re-dedication event was held on June 13, 2019.

Fountain Restoration Facts

  • Virginia Community Foundation provided non-profit status and fund-raising support and guidance.
  • Fund-Raising began in 2015 with the assistance of John Bachman, Virginia Parks and Recreation Director from 1993 - 2016.
  • Fountain restoration work began in the spring of 2017.
  • Fountain listed on the National Register of Historic Places in June 2017.
  • Fountain restoration completed and opened to the public on June 13, 2019. Parks and Recreation Director Brian Silber
  • Total restoration cost in 2019 of $1.1 million came 60% from private donors and corporate grants, 30% from Iron Range Resources Rehabilitation grants, 10% from the City of Virginia.
  • Restoration architect was Erik Wedge, Principal Architect, DSGW Architectural Services.
  • Contributions received from over 1,400 donors.

Fountain Restoration Committee

fountain committee 2019Eleanor Anshus
John Bachman
Carl Baranzelli
Allan Bier
Kara Bovitz
Joe Caulfield
Kathy Caulfield
Kerry Waschke Collie
John Dickinson
Greg Gilness – Committee Chair
Jane Gilness
Wanda Hamelin
Ronda Harvey
Cammy Hudy
Dennis Jorgensen
Lisa Kvas
Kathy Merkel
Paul Monacelli
Arlene Preble
Michelle Pulkkinen
Kathy Rice
Brian Silber
Don Sipola
JoAnn Sipola
Diane Torrel
Carolyn Tuttle
Dave Tuttle
Scott Weappa
Mary Yapel

Fountain Restoration Donors

The City of Virginia and the Olcott Park Fountain Restoration Committee would like to thank all those who helped make the fountain restoration a great success.

5K Fun Run Henderson, Robert and Idell Pepelnjak, Joyce  
A M Construction of Hibbing, Inc Hendricks, Alea Pepelnjak, Julie  
Abbott, Frances Hendrickson, Daniel Pepelnjak, Stephen and Mary   
Abramson, Jean E. Henk, Bob & Harriet Pepelnjak, Valerie  
Adams, Bonnie and DeAnn Schatz Henke, Richard Perala, Michael and Lisa  
Adamiak, Anna Herberg, Justine Peritz, Alex  
Aho, Bruce and Kaye Herberg, Matt Peritz, Cathy  
Ahola, Twilla Hermann, Emberly Perko, Michelle  
Ahrens, Jared Hermann, Jay Perpich TV & Music  
Ahrlin, James and Ginny Hermann, Jon and Bonnie Perrault, Gene and Donna  
Alar, Darwin and Lynda Herstad, Kelly and Phyllis Perrella, Barb and Sammy
Aleman, Mary Jo and Marcos Hestetune, Dan and Beth Perttu, Alyna
Alpha Psi Chapter Hiipakka, Howard Perushek, Jean E.
Althoff, Suzanne and Michael Hiipakka, Phyllis Perushek, Jean Joan 
Alto, Ruby Hilde, Barbara and Leroy Peters, Linda
Altobell, Greg and Susan Hildman, Michael and Susan Petersen, Wanda and Todd
Altobell, Mary Ann Hill, Brian and Julie Peterson, Daniel
Altobelli, John and Cindy Hill, D. Marvin Peterson, Darryl and Diane
Ahlquist, Paul and Carolyn Hill, Paul and Lori Peterson, Elvira
Aluni, Donald and Alice Hill, William and Janet Peterson, Erik and Carol
Aluni, Harvey and Marcia Hillier, David Peterson, Gerald
American Bank of the North Hiti, Lynn and Chuck Peterson, H. Jeffrey and Nancy
American Inn and Bill Aho Hnatko, Todd Peterson, Heather
Amundson, John and Sharon Hoefferle, Liz and Franz Peterson, John and Bernadette
Andersen, Thomas and Michelle Holm, Pat Peterson, John and Carol
Anderson, C. Robert Holmes, Jamie Peterson, Katie and Andrew
Anderson, Gerald and Cheryl Holtz, Darrel and Judith Peterson, Richard
Anderson, James and Sharla Homola, Barry Peterson, Roger and Mary
Anderson, Karyn Honkanen Richards SC Peterson, Shelby
Anderson, Laura Hooper, Jane Peterson, Thomas and Linda
Anderson, Melvin and Shirley A Hopkins, John Peterson, Virginia
Anderson, Neil Hopkins, Michael Petrack, Kathleen
Anderson, Renee Horan, Mary Petri, Grace
Anderson, Roger Horan, Patrick and Alyssa Petroskey, James
Anderson, Sally Horvat, Barbara R. Petroskey, Leonard Jr
Andrick, Joseph and Ilene Horvath, Gerald and Kathy Pettinelli, Gregg  
Angelo, Lillian I. Hosey, Lori Pettinelli, Justin and Kerby  
Anonymous donors - 40 in total Hovey, Nancy  Pettinelli, Renold  
Anshus, Eleanor M. Beverly Howard Pfeifer, Brian and Alana  
Anshus, Steve and Lori Hudy, Camilla Pfremmer Realty  
Antognozzi, Phyllis Hujanen, Vicki & Leonard Phillips, Ann and Felix  
Antonovich, Laurice Huseby, Jon and Annie Phillips, Margie  
ArcelorMittal Minorca Mine Huseby, Patricia Phillips, Mark and Patty  
Area Short Stop Convenience Stores Huusko, Terrance Phillips, Michelle  
Arko, John Ibrahim, Ilze B. Picek, Gary  
Armbruster, Adam Idea Drilling Pietrini, Kevin and Beth  
Aro, Mike and Cheryl Ilse, Jim Pietrini, Theodore and Margaret  
Aro, Thomas and Renee Indihar, Bergetta and Mike Pietrini, Tim  
Aronen, Brian R. Inter City Oil Foundation Pikula, Susan  
Asbach, Scott Iron Ore Alliance Pine View Inn  
Askew, Virginia Iron Range Association of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors Plesha, Cindy and Brian  
Atkins, Alicia and Corey Iron Range Building Trades Council Pluskwik, Lincoln  
Aubol, Gary and Helen Iron Range Job Fair Pluth, Beverly  
Auel, Rosalie Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Poderzay, Debbie  
Aufderheide, Mary Ismil, Chris and Lori Podpeskar, Jim and Polly  
Axelsen, Patricia Iverson, Debra Pohlman, Bob  
Axtell, Kathleen Ivonen, Clarence and Eila Politano, Barbara J  
Babich, Craig and Cathy Jacobson, D Pollock, Renee and David   
Babich, Karen and Tom Jacobson, Jeffrey Pond, Elizabeth and Randy  
Bachman, Becky M. Jacobson, Ronald and Janus Pontinen, Barbara Jean  
Bachman, Donna Jagunich, Anne Poole, Ronald and Molly  
Bachman, John and Becky Jallen, Lauren and Linda Poppers & BG's Bar & Grill  
Bachschneider, Laura and Paul Jankila, David Pottratz, Jean  
Backman, Helen E. Jarvela, Patricia Potvin, Stephen  
Badanjak, Juliane Jarvi, Carol Pouchnik, Donald  
Badanjak, Steven and Anne Jasperson, D. R. Praxair  
Bainter, Diane Jaybee Travel Preble, Arlene  
Bair, Troy Jayson, Dr. Cameron and Ruth Pulkinen, Heather  
Baker, Bruce and Kathryn Jeanette, Joseph Pulkkinen, Michelle and John  
Baland, Gerald and Marcia Jeans, Randall Purkat, Don  
Baldrica, Barbara Jedda, Ralph and Carolyn Purkat, Norma and John Zupancich  
Baldrica, Robert and Barbara Jeff Skubic of Tricam Industries, Inc Quad Cities Rotary  
Baldrica, Thomas and Tracy Jensen, Francine Rabideaux, Connie and James  
Bambford, Joel and Marilyn Jindra, Dennis and Cindy Rabideaux, Jennifer and Daniel  
Bank of America Joelson, Daniel and Debra Racek, Cathy and Joseph  
Baribeau, Gail and Charles Joelson, Patricia Radinovich, Jim  
Barker, Rosalyn Johnson, Barbara Radzvickas, Marilyn  
Barrett, Jack and Joan Johnson, Boyd and Virginia Ralston, Michael and Nancy  
Bartovich, Anthony and Marjorie Johnson, Brad T. Ralston, Raymond  
Bastianelli, Kathleen and Pat Johnson, Bruce and JoErnesta Ralston, Roger and Nancy  
Bates, Wes and Laura Johnson, Celeste Range Cooperatives, Inc.  
Bauer, Lynne and Tony Johnson, Chipper and Marieta Range Fiberart Guild  
Baumchen, Dale and Renee' Johnson, Christopher and Barbara Range Mental Health Center  
Baumgartner, Gary and Shirley Johnson, Dana Range Paint and Varnish Inc  
Bazzani, Val and Marcia Johnson, Duayne Range Repair Service  
Beavis, Mary and Len Johnson, Eric Ratai, Margaret  
Beck, Ron and Sue Johnson, Gregory M.D. Raukar, Matthew and Carol  
Belanger, Inc Johnson, Jack and Joan Raukar, Paul  
Belay, Fred Johnson, Marie Reed, Catherine  
Belobaba, Lenny and Lorry Johnson, Peter and Colette Renzaglia, Cathie and Renny  
Belobaba, Paul and Katherine Johnson, Randall and Marjorie Residents of Laurentian Manor  
Belpedio, Janet and Philip Johnson, Sandra Ribich, Donna and Bob   
Belpedio, Nicole Johnson, Sherri and Benjamin Ribich, Rosemary and Robert  
Benchmark Engineering Johnson, Whitney Rice, Katherine  
Benkusky, John Jokinen, John and Debra Richard and Debra Wicka Charitable Trust  
Bennick, Walter and Virginia Jones, Ilona and Ivan Richard, Gene  
Berger, Dennis and Geri Jones, JoAnn Richards, Gary and Sherry  
Bergerson, Marshall and Dorothy Jones, John Richards, Katie  
Berglund, John and Mary Ann Jones, Katherine M. Ring, Bernadette  
Bergquist, Arlene and Jed Jones, Lloyd Rinta, Cindy  
Bergquist, Marcia Jordahl, Michael and Carol Riordan, Timothy and Kathy  
Bergum, Traci Jorgensen, Dennis and Kaye Risku, David and Karen  
Berlin, Barbara Jorgensen, Lorraine Ritter, Judith and John  
Bertolas, Peter Jorgensen, Thomas and Beverly Robillard, Kelly and Brent  
Bertucci, Tony Joseph, Judith Robinson, Mary Ann  
Beystrom, Rodney Joyful Stitches Robinson, Rick and Mary Ann  
Bezek, Stan and Carrie Joyner, Robert and Cindy Roche Financial Education & Strategies, Inc.  
Biondich, Curt and Ann Judnick, Robert and Barbara Rocket Liquors  
Biondich, Paul and Ann Jugovich, John and Rachel McCauley Rocks the Jewelers  
Birnstihl, Damian A. Jung, Jeff and Vicki Rodorigo, Baldino  
Bischoff, Mary Jusela, William Rodorigo, Don  
Blaeser, Michael and Sue Kajala, Margaret A. Rodorigo, James and Julianne  
Blaeser, Paul Kallio, Becky Rodorigo, Jeanette  
Blazewicz, Frank and Carolyn Kallio, Thomas and Patricia Rodorigo, Shirley  
Blisard, Jennifer Karaman, Nancy Rogers, Ann  
Bloomquist, Bennet and Joyce Karkinen, John Romer, Robert and Kathy  
Bloomquist, Britta Kasner Bialke Bottoms Financial Services LLC Roosevelt 5th grade - 2014 Chris Holmes  
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Kauchick, Judie Rootes, Renee  
Blyckert, Verner and Judith Kauppi, Herbert and Joanne Rosandich, Roger and Jean  
Bodovinitz, Karen Kearney, Jeremiah and Pamela Rose Valentini Family  
Bodovinitz, Karen and Sowers, Leslie Kearney, Michael and Nancy Rose, Bernard and Jyll  
Bone, Denny and Rebecca Keating, Vicky and Russell Roseen, Nancy and Tom  
Bonner, Jennifer and Steve Kekkonen, Cynthia Rosenmund, Fred and Gail  
Bonneville, Patricia Keller, Audra Roskoski, Kyle  
Booren, Barbara Kelly, John and Sue Roskoski, Margaret and Robert  
Borden, Todd and Kathy Kelson, Aaron and Roxanne Roskoski, Mary  
Borgman, Brian P. Kemppainen, John and Roseanne Roskoski, Mary Lou  
Boston Private Wealth Team Kemppainen, Virginia Roskoski, Stephen and Lois  
Boucher, Roger Kendall, John and Shannon Rowan, Donna  
Bouchie, Len and Nancy Kerze, Deb and Bob Rowbottom, Sharon and Boyer, Dan  
Boyer, Kathleen Kesti, Robert and Karen Rowell, Byron and Luann  
Boyer, Sharon Kieffer, Mike J. Royal Café  
Boznak, Robert Kiewit Rozinka, Jean and Joseph  
Bradach, Mary Jo and Wilfrid Killian, Douglas and Nancy Rubow, Janice  
Brady, Mary King, Carol and Rodney Rude, Cathy and Larry  
Brady, Tom and Donna Kingston, Jane Rudolph, LeAnne  
Brakstad, Theresa Kirchner, John and Mary Rudy, Christine and Dennis  
Brannigan, Bruce and Barbara Kirchner, Lisa Marie & Edmund Rukavina, Ida   
Branstrom, Audrey Kishel, Donald and Shawna Rukavina, Mark  
Branstrom, Elsa and John Kishel, Kathleen Rukavina, Tom  
Brascugli, Margaret Kishel, Steven P Russ, Bernard and Loretta  
Bratt, Mary Klimek, Jennifer Russ, James and Charlotte  
Brenda's Mini Mart Klun, Wynn Russo, Kristine  
Brimsek, John and Tobi Knight, Chris and Marci Ryan, Kay and James  
Brinda, Danika and Anthony Knoll, Louis and Doris Sacchetti, Angelo  
Brinkmeyer, Cookie (Carol) Knoop, Barbara and Keith Sacchetti, Angelo, Anthony and Kathy  
Briski, Barbara and George Knudson, Sarah Sacchetti, Anthony and Kathy  
Brockell, Jean and Clayton Kobylinski, Greg Sadar, James A.  
Brown, Jenni Kochover, Mona Sadar, Paul and Donna  
Bruce, Sandy Kodunc, Edward Sainio, David   
Brunetta, Lucia Kodunc, Rosemary Sales of Fountain Prints  
Brunfelt, Pamela Kohlhase, Audrey Samargia, John  
Buccanero, Mike and Diane Koivu, Charles and Lynne Samuelson Insurance Agency, Inc.  
Buffetta, Dominic and Charlene Koivu, Mary Sandberg, Jessica  
Buhl Water Company Kokal, Lance Sandnas, Larry and Kathryn  
Buhta, Kathy Kollman, Kathy Sandnas, Matthew and Jenna  
Bukvich, Michael and Kathy Kolstad Chapter 23 Disabled Americann Veterans Sandon, Sharon  
Bundich, Paulette Komula, Gary and Charlene Sandstrom, Thomas and Jennifer  
Burchell, Donna Korte, Carol Santelli, Terry and Trudy  
Burgher Office Koski, Gerald and Janene Santner, Ronald and Marilyn  
Buria, Nina Koski, Janet and Roger Saranen, Paul  
Buria, William Koski, Ronald and Doris Saranen, Ruth  
Burns, John Koski, Ruth Saranpaa, Beverly  
Burton, Karen Koskie, Kathie and Winger, Will Sarkela, James  
Bushen, Kris Kovich, Marlene Sauter, Connie  
Butorac, Deanne and Tom Kozar, Donald Sauter, Duane  
Buttler, June Kozar, James Saxhaug, Brad and Chris Jones  
Byrd, Neil Kozumplik, Richard and Lynn Scarrott, Sheldon and Jean  
Calderon, Cristina Kralich, Dave and Toni Schackman, James and Deidre  
Callister, Polly Krause, Susan and John Kauppila Schake, Jeanne  
Cameron, Lois Krause, Walter and Mary Helen Schandorf, Winston and Bonnie  
Canelakes Candy Krebsbach, Michael and Judith Schanno, Charles and Linda  
Card & Party Shop Krebsbach, Patricia and Robert Scherzer, Patricia  
Carlson, Dan and Diane Krog, Dale and Kathleen Schibel, Donald and Bob  
Carlson, Gary Krog, Patricia Schibel, Donald and Judith  
Carlson, Joan Kruchowski, Paul and Diana Schmid, Beatrice  
Carlson, Paul and Karyn Kubasta, Melissa Schmid, Dave  
Carlson, Ralph and Julie Kuberka, Edward Schrunk, Michelle  
Carlson, Roy K Kuberka, Larry and Camilla Schuknecht, Dorothy  
Carlson, Terry Kugel, Daniel and Kimberly Schultz, Camille  
Carlson, Travis and Kristina Kuznik, Dr. Tony and Robin Schultz, Erin  
Carlson-Bursch, Carole Kvas, Darleen Schultz, Judy  
Carpenter, Dorothy Kwiecinski, Mary Anne Seck, Richard and Sally  
Carson, Stephen and Joanne Kwiecinski, Stephen and Marcia Secola, Michael  
Casey, Edmund Lacher, Bernie and Rose Marie Seitz, Tom and Luona  
Casey, Pam Lacher, Rose Marie Seppala, Brandon and Heather  
Cashman, Barry Lackner, Donald and Lois Seppala, Chad and Kathy  
Caucci, Greg LaCount, Terry Seppala, Sarah & Rodney  
Caulfield, Joseph and Katheran Ladies of Kaleva Serra, Erveen  
Cavers, William and Gladys Lager, Sharon Sersha, Tom  
Cerkvenik, Mary and David Norrgard Lah, Steve Seurer, John and Judy  
Challis, Bunny & Dr. Bruce Lahti, Kathleen Sevick, Robert   
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Champion Auto Laituri, Bill and Sharon Shaw, Greg  
Chapman, Paul Lalli, Sue Shaw, Nancy  
Charter, Rita Lambert, Peter Shimmin, Fran J.  
Cherne, Susan Lambert, Sarah and Bob Shoden, Ron and Sandi  
Chesser, Anne Lamphere, Craig Shoden, Steve  
Chestnut Collision Center, Inc Lamplighter Strategies Shoes & Things  
Chestnut Koffee Klutch Lamppa, Joan and Harry Shopp, Philip  
Chiarello, David J. Land of the Loon Festival Shoquist, Lee and Louise  
Chopp, Luke and Brittany Lanska, Larry Shusterich, David  
Christensen, Shelley LaPatka, Joanne Shusterich, Fred  
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Ciolino, Carol and Paul Laurentian Manor Sistad, Craig  
City of Virginia Supervisors Assoc. LaVigne, William Sivers, Rochelle  
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Cuffe, John and Carolyn Luoma, Ray and Deb Squillace, Sarahe  
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Culbert's Missabe Appraisal - Betty Culbert Lyons, W. J. Stanaway, Mary  
Culligan of Northeast MN Maish, Mike Starich, Richard and Phyllis  
Culliton, Janice Majeski, Gary and Jean Stark, Patricia  
Curry, Lois A. Majetich Family Trust Stark, Sandy and Sakrison, Lowell  
Cvar, Thomas and Marly Maki, Dick and Colleen Starkovich, Paul and Annalisa  
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Dibley, Gayle and John Marshall, John and Rachelle Sullivan, Lorraine  
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Donofrio, Rocci Mattson, Clarence and Mary Ann Sundland, Teresa  
Dosser, Barbara Mattson, Dennis and Karen Sundquist, Kurt and Carol  
Dream Machines Motor Club Mattson, Richard and Mary Superior Rock Bit Company  
DSGW Maturi, Robert and Patricia Sutherland, Nancy  
Ducharme, Leo and Karen Mavec, Barb Sutich, Kathy  
Duluth Superior Harbormasters Chorus Maynard, Howard Swanson, Nancy  
Edgewood Vista McBride, Virginia Swanson, Scott and MJ  
Edward Jones - Craig Doughty McCall, Marian and George Swanson, Willis and Marlyn  
Edward Jones - Crystal Spawn McCarthy, Joanne Swenson, Darrel and Joie  
Edwards Oil & North Country Propane McCarty, Alan Syverson, Sid and Ann  
Edwards, Dr. Bonnie K. McCarty, Kristy Tahija, Lawrence  
Eichholz, Charles and Nancy McCarty, Shirley and Robert Tahija, Murline  
Eicholz, Janet and Jim McCormick, Bill and Deb Takala, Janette and Jim  
Elg, Pat McCurdy, Jean and James Takala, Janette  
Elioff, Josie and Dominic McDougall, Jon A. Takala, William  
Elks Lodge #1003 Virginia McGillivray, Peter and Elaine Tammaro, Mona and Tom  
Elofson, John and Diane McGillivray, Todd and Wanda Tamminen, Henry and Pat  
Elverum, Kay and Jerry McHatton, Scott and Elise Tamte, James and Caryl  
Embarrass Regional Garden Club McKillop, John (Jack) Tapani, Vera  
Emerson, Hartley and Rose McMonigal, Rosemary Tarango, Ann  
Engel, Susan McPherson, Cindy Teasck, Thomas  
Engman, Bob and Rochelle Medure, Phillip and Susan Tekautz, Kathleen  
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Enzenauer, John "Henry" Mesich, Madelyn Thayer, Betty  
Erickson, Carol J. Mesich, Michele The Del Greco Family  
Erickson, Jane Messer, Brian and Kari The Gary Carlson Family  
Erickson, Marjorie Messer, Scott The Wycoff Family  
Erickson, Mary and Douglas Michals, James Thibault, Joanne and Ronald  
Erspamer, Ryan and Joanne Michals, Michael and Kathleen  Thiede, Barbara  
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Essentia Health Mihelich, Michael Thomas, Robert and Dawn  
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Eveleth Super 8 and Bill Aho Mikulich, Arlette  Thoreson, Ardell  
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Facelogic Spa Milavetz, Gary and Mary Thorsen, Mary  
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Falkowski, Frank and Barbara Miller, Patricia Tini, Juliana  
Falkowski, Larry and Janet Minnesota Power Tini, Karen  
Falkowski, Priscilla  Mirkovic, Sasa Today, Joseph and Roberta  
Falkowski, William and Rita MLTA LLC Tomassoni, Robert and Patricia  
Family and Friends of Tom Morgan Mo-Cal Office Solutions, Inc Tomazin, Mark and Georgene  
Fatticci, Paul and Nancy Moe, Dennis and Donna Town and Country Electric Inc  
Ferkul, Meribeth Mohn, Robert and JoAnn Trenti Law Firm  
Feroni, Dennis and Mary Lou Monacelli, Livia & Gabriel Amundson Trotto, Denise and Art Lee  
Ferrell, David and Patricia Monacelli, Paul and Deb Troutwine, Phil and Mary Kay  
Fields, Chester and Pamela Monacelli, Rylan Trullinger, John  
Fink, Joseph Moore, Katherine Trunzo, John and Judie  
Finstad, Lynette and Richard Moore, Larry and Susan Trunzo, Paula  
Fiola, Lucille F. Morgan, Brian and Denise Trunzo, Richard J  
Fitzpatrick, Joseph Morgan, Elizabeth Tuomela, Susan  
Fivecoate, Barbara J. Morgan, Hattie Turja, Zona  
Fjelstad, Per and Lois Morrell, Wendy Turner, Marie  
Floor to Ceiling Mortaloni, Lorraine Turner, Ryan and Amy  
Fontela, Deborah Mowrey, Dave and Betty Tuttle, Carolyn and David  
Foosness, Helen Mt Iron Class of 1977 Tuttle, Matthew  
Foosness, Thomas and Brenda Muck, John and Shannon Tuttle, Quinnlyn  
Forciea, Mary Ann, MD Mueller, Cory and Tracy Twaddle, Sue and Steve  
Forseth, Paul Munig, Marlene A. Ulland Brothers, Inc  
Fortuna, Bertha Myers, Susan and Robert Umhauer, Robert and Carol  
Foschi, Louise Nanti, Marianne Underhill, Steve and Rose  
Frandsen Bank & Trust Naples, Megan Upin, Andrea  
Franks, Dewayne and Angie Napoli, Dr. Patrick and Barbara  US Bank Foundation  
Frazee, Betty Nardi, Bob Vainik, Linda  
French, Dawn Natural Harvest Food Coop Van Fleet, Rita  
French, Dianne Nekich, Michael Vandervort, Lyle and Margie  
Frericks, A. R. Nelson, Ann and Keith Vandervort, Richard and Sheila  
Friedlieb, Helen Nelson, Gail and David Venne, Leroy and Kathleen  
Friends & Family of Helen Nelson Walker Nelson, Lauren Vermillion Financial Services  
Froen, David and Linda Nelson, Margaret L and Raymond E Vessel, Robert  
Gagne, Kenneth Nelson, Virginia H. VFW Crellin-Tini Post 1113 Virginia, MN  
Galaski, Renee Nemec, Frank J. VHS Class of 1950  
Gandy, Joseph Nesbitt, Floyd and Joann VHS Class of 1953  
Gavin, Ann Neutz, Erin and Mike VHS Class of 1955  
Gentilini, Carolyn Nevala, Kathleen and Marv VHS Class of 1958  
Gentilini, Len and Luan Newman, Cammy and Mike VHS Class of 1961  
Gerard, Norma Niemi, Gregory VHS Class of 1962  
Germ, Peggy Niemi, Helen VHS Class of 1963  
Gerzin, Colleen and Travis Niemi, John and Debbie VHS Class of 1964  
Gethsemane Women of the ELCA Niemi, Judy and Arnie VHS Class of 1965  
Giblin, James and Kathy Nigro, Tony and Joyce VHS Class of 1966  
Gigliotti, William and Lynn Nobens, John VHS Class of 1967  
Gilbert, Pam and Terry Nordling, Craig and Beth VHS Class of 1968  
Gillespie, Susan Norha, Darcy and Mark VHS Class of 1969  
Gilness, Gary and Connie Norha, Ronald VHS Class of 1970  
Gilness, Greg and Jane Norlander, Susan E VHS Class of 1971  
Gilness, Siiri M. Norri Distributing VHS Class of 1974  
Gilness, William  Norri, Bob and Nancee VHS Class of 1975  
Giorgi, David Norri, Judy VHS Class of 1977  
Giorgi, Delanie Nortech VHS Class of 2005  
Giorgi, Richard M. Northeast Area Labor Council Vidmar, Bob and Lois  
Goblirsch, Barbara Northern Club, Inc. Vikings Explosives LLC  
Going to Pieces Quilters Northern Crane Service Vile Velebita CFC of America Lodge 635  
Gold Mountain Entertainment, Inc Northern Engine & Supply, Inc. Village Inn  
Gooden, Susan Northern State Bank of Virginia Vincent, James and Kerry  
Goodyear, Sandra Norvitch, Ben and Marla Virginia Amateur Hockey Assoc  
Gordon, Howard Norvitch, Steve Virginia Community Foundation  
Gorrill, Mark and Sandra Novak, Frederick Virginia Community Foundation Open House 12-15-16  
Goslin, Patricia Novak, Glen Virginia Co-op Credit Union  
Gotham, Loy Nowak, Michael and Joan Virginia Family Dental, PA  
Graham III, Clarence Nyquist, Alvin Virginia Girls Softball  
Nancy Lammi Granosvsky Nyrhinen, Robert and Lois Virginia Lions Club  
Greene, Kori and Todd Nyrhinen, Steve and M'Liss Virginia Public Employees  
Gregorich, Edward and Maureen Oberg, Shane Virginia Rifle & Pistol Club Firearms Safety Group  
Gregorich, Mary O'Connell, Connie Virginia Rotary Club  
Greiner, Ted and Darlene Odella, Jason & Jessica Virginia Senior Center  
Grigal, Judith  Ofstad, Barbara Virginia Study Club  
Grigal, Patricia Ogilvie, Richard and Jeanne Virginia Surplus  
Grim, Marilyn Ohrt, Ruth Vista North Inc.  
Gross, Joseph Okerberg, Chad Vito, Jayne and Brian  
Grosskopf, Margaret Okerstrom, Richard and Carol Voss, Michael and Ann Marie  
Gulbransen, Randy Olcott Park Brewfest - Brewfest 8-17-17 Vukelich, Steve  
Gulla, James and Janet Olcott Park Brewfest - Taste of the Queen City 2-3-18 Vukich, Mary Ann  
Gunderson, Carol Olcott Park Brewfest - Brewfest 8-18-18 WA Fisher Advertising & Printing  
Gunderson, Melvin and Lois Olivanti, David E Wahlsten, Stewart  
Gusenius, Matthew and Theresa Olivanti, Matt and Cheryl Walker, George and Nina  
Gustafson, Dan and Arnette Oliver, Kathryn and William Walker, Giroux & Hahne, LTD  
Gustason, Joan Ollila, Al and Sue Walkky, Ronald and Jackie  
H B Fuller Company Foundation Olson, Clair Wallace, Doreen E.  
Haapala, Robert and Donna Olson, Diane Wallace, Gary R.  
Haavisto, Albert R. Olson, Joy Shimmin Wardens Office Supplies  
Haenke, Donald Olson, Larry and Barbara Waschke, Mary and Ken  
Haenke, Sue Olson, Lily Waters, Edwin and Mary Jean  
Hagan, Janet and Sandy Olson, Lynn and Glen Weappa, Floyd and Millie  
Hagedom, Philip and Dulcie Olson, Marlys Weappa, Scott and Cheryl  
Hahne, James and Kathryn Olson, Raymond Weddel, Bonnie R.  
Hahne, Michael and Melissa Olson, Richard and Andrea Wedge, Erik C.  
Haines, Paul Olson, Rob and Joy Wedge, Jerry and Loretta  
Hake, Francis Olson, Roy W. Wege, Maribeth  
Halberg, Jane Olson, Shirley Weir, Mark and Lynda  
Haley, Patrick and Janet Omarzu, Al and Barbara Welch, Greg  
Halfaker, Aaron Omersa, Scott and Rosanne Wells Fargo Bank  
Halfaker, Kathy Ornberg, Betty Wells Fargo Foundation  
Halunen, Don and JoAnn Osborne, Donald and Michelle Wenzel, Nicholas and Vicky  
Halunen, Rod and Mary Lou Osborne, Doris Werner, Becky   
Hamelin, Wanda Osell, Barry and Susan Werner, Dr. Donald and Elva  
Hammer, Frederick and Sandra Ostman, Albert Wertanen, Jane and Al  
Hancock, John and June Paavala, James and Markstrom, Debra Westin, Keith and Cindy  
Hancock, Susan and John Padgett, Marcie Wiklund, Clifford and Mickey  
Handberg, Peter Pahkala, Joe and Dana Wiklund, Margaret and Tom  
Hanley, Tiffany Pajunen, Nancy Wilcox, Mark and Sheila  
Hansen, Kendra and Dale Pakkala, Barbara Wilkins, Julie and Brian  
Hansen, Peter and Margaret Pakkala, Richard Williams, Al and Mary  
Hanson, Dr Roger and Millicent Pakkala, Thomas and Barbara Williams, Vivian  
Hanson, L. A. Palazzari, Kay Wilm, Brad  
Hanson, William Palcich, Tom Wilm, Michael  
Harjamaki, Jack Palkovich, Amber Wilsey, Ronald and Linda  
Harjamaki, Merri and Kevin Palmersheim, Thomas F. Wilson, Leatha  
Harkonen, Anthony and Robin Palo, Nancy Wilson, Shirley M.  
Harkonen, Barbara Panian, Charles and Donna Mae Wirtanen, Scott  
Harrington, James and Cindy Panula, Sharon Witz, Jane  and Jerrold  
Harrington, Joseph Pappone, James Witzman, Gary  
Harris, Michelle Pappone, Leonora Wolf, Doreen  
Hart, Lynn Parise, William and Peggy Wolf, Gail  
Hartje, James and Cheryl Parish, Dorothy B Woodward, Shirley  
Hartman, Rose Marie Parish, John Wujcik, Henry and Sally  
Hartmann, Julie and Craig Park, Virginia Yapel, Dave and Kristin  
Harvey, George and Phyllis Parker, Bill Yapel, Mary  
Harvey, Ralph and Sue Pat Surface Concert Yapel, Mike  
Harvey, Rudy and Ross Patrick, Katherine Yoga in the Park  
Haryn, John and Carol Paul, James Young, Jean and Richard  
Hastings, Elizabeth Paulson, Jo Youngman, Leonard  
Haugen, Jack Paving, Parrk Youso, Shawn and Jody  
Haugen, Leonard and Sharon Pawlowski, Christine Yurczyk, Joseph  
Hauser, Tina Pearlman, Marshall Zakovich, Richard & Collette  
Hautamaki, Pam Pearsall, Susan and John Zarnec, Virgil Ann  
Hawkinson, Cora Pearson, Elizabeth A. Zavodnik, Anthony and Diane  
Hawkinson, James Pederson, Barbara Zeidler, Shelley and Ed  
Hawkinson, John and Elaine Pederson, Robert and Carol Zika, Gabe  
Hawley, Joanne Pelletier, Jeff and Mary Zika, Leigh  
Hedican, Suzanne and Kevin Pellinen, Peter and Mary Zimmerman, Roberta  
Heglund, Cliff and Janet PEO Chapter DX Zlimen, David  
Heisel, Robert and Dawn Pepelnjak, Jan Zollar, Josh  
Hejda, Brad and Tammy Pepelnjak, Jill Zupetz, James and Rae Ann