City Clerk's Office

Pamela LaBine

(218) 748-7500

City Clerk



The City Clerk's Office carries out various statutory duties and City Charter requirements.  The City's official records are executed, filed and maintained here, including City Council minutes, resolutions, and ordinances.  The City Charter and City Code are also updated and maintained through this office.

Various municipal licenses are processed and issued through the City Clerk's Office.  There is additional information on various types of licenses available through the City Clerk's Office; Pamela LaBine (218) 748-7500.

The City Clerk's Office also coordinates the primary and general elections in the City of Virginia.  Election judges are hired and trained through the City Clerk's Office.  For more information on becoming an election judge, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (218) 748-7500.  

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